23.10.2020, 16:43 Uhr | Von Peter Beyer | Südosteuropa Mitteilungen Abstracts Heft 04/2020 (60. Jahrgang)

Über die Rolle der USA, der EU und anderer Akteure auf dem Westbalkan | On the role of the US, the EU and other players in the Western Balkans

The six countries of the Western Balkans region, sometimes referred to as the ,,WB6“, are surrounded by European Union member states. Hence, they are geographically located within the heart of the European Union. This defines the responsibility of both Brussels and of the 27 member states for supporting peace and stability in the Western Balkans.
The United States of America have traditionally played a paramount role in the region, other than state actors from outside of Europe, such as China, Russia, Turkey and some Arab countries. The reasons that these actors, with which we do not share common values, act as they do, can be found in a weak political leadership and lack of interest by the EU.
The author lays out his view stemming from the political practitioner‘s perspective. He describes the role of Germany, the EU, the US, and third party actors in the region. He makes a strong case for a more transparent and closer cooperation between the US and the EU. He criticizes the damage that has been done over the past several years to the reputation of „The West" and its politics when it comes to the Western Balkans. All this taken together leads the author to the conclusion that there is a deep crisis of credibility. The author offers a way out of this self-inflicted political deadlock.

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